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Medical Chemical Peels

These are chemical peels for the face or even hands or neck which are designed to provide that extra "punch" when there is a specific concern that needs to be addressed

Retexturising Wrinkle Peel $165
Combining pure alpha and beta hydroxy fruit acids with Retinol Complex to retexturise, smooth and brighten dull ageing skin. Suitable for mature skin that is dehydrated and sun damaged.

Pigment Punch Peel $165
Beta hydroxy acids to peel away dull pigmented cells. Vitamin C antioxidant action to brighten your skin and Tyrostat to slow down production of new pigment. Fantastic peel for anyone concerned with pigmentation.

Clarity Acne Peel $165
Beta hydroxy acids work to deeply clean out blocked pores and regulate oil production. Naturally derived plant extracts to soothe and calm inflamed skin. Great peel for anyone with oily congested blocked pores.

TCA Peel $200
This is a Tricholroacetic acid peel 15-20%, used as an intense peel for mature skins.
Great for sun damage rejuvenation. 

Jessners Peel $200
This is a combination of 3 ingredients - lactic, salicylic and resorcinol to provide a good medium depth peel. Great for acne and oily skin.

Medical Grade Glycolic Peels, 10-70% unbuffered $150
This is a great superficial peel designed to even out skin tone, help with acne and pigmentation.

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